Investment Opportunity

G-ray Industries SA is a development stage company, based in the State of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, created in December 2015, with validated core competences in monolithic CMOS integrated pixel array detector technology, applicable to a wide range of fields including Medical Imaging, Microelectromechanical Systems and High Energy Physics.

The Company is currently inviting selected investors to join its Series A financing round.

The major terms of the Series A financing round and the use of proceeds are shown in the table below:

The Company’s proprietary technology portfolio, protected by 3 groups of patents, enables unmatched X-ray sensor performance and features at significantly lower cost as the state of the art. This will enable our customers to manufacture and market better, faster, much more precise X-ray devices at lower costs than today.

The Company may raise additional funds in a Series B financing round at a later date to fund its further growth.